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Every day, people in our community need help.

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I was really scared when I had no place to go. It was such a relief to find this program. The staff here have really helped me. - Tyler

Your support helps United Way assist 85,000 local people every year.

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The yearly cost of poverty in Niagara is $277 million

That is enough for

648 public transit buses
1,200 new houses
17 new retirement homes
Source: Are the consequences of poverty holding Niagara back?

In Niagara 5400 children are living in poverty.

Source: Poverty Myths and Facts

Children in poverty are more likely to experience a range of negative outcomes: low academic achievement, health problems, early pregnancy, homelessness, lower high school graduation rates and poor employment outcomes. One in seven children live in poverty in Ontario. In Niagara, over 5,400 children are living in poverty.

August 14, 2018
Show n’ Shine $500 Draw Winner
July 31, 2018
United Way mourns loss of volunteer Anita Robertson and family members

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